Past life effects on early childhood behavior

Posted September 7th, 2019

Have you tried EVERY sleep training method and nothing seems to help?

What if your baby all of a sudden slept through the night? 

What if you could see relationships between your kids dramatically improve?

Below are 3 case studies of young children I’ve worked on whose past life memories were having a profound effect on their behavior, and who made dramatic improvements rapidly.


Sara, Alex and Xander

Xander is now 27 mos old. I started working with him at about 15 mos. He was a normal, happy baby until Sara and her family took a vacation with her parents. After that, he wouldn’t sleep through the night, was very fussy, did not want to go to bed and would cry and throw fits during the night. 

In looking for the underlying causes, a past life came up in which he lived on a farm and his parents died in a house fire and Xander went to live with an older relative, who was cold and harsh. That woman is Sara’s mother in this life, who they had just gone on vacation with. Being with her triggered his past life subconscious memories. We released his past life emotions of rejection, sadness, love unreceived (when your love isn’t reciprocated).

The next time I worked on Xander he was not sleeping well again, fussy and crying a lot. It started when his father went out of town for 5 days. I released the emotions of abandonment, lost, fear, love unreceived. After that, Xander’s sleep returned to normal.

Alex’s parents were in town for a week and they are very bonded to Xander. Sara called me a few days after they left because Xander was absolutely inconsolable. Not sleeping, crying, fussy. He had barely slept since they left and was falling down and hurting himself because he was so tired. The emotions that came up were abandonment, rejection, fear, lost, panic, terror.  Xander is very bonded to these grandparents, who are Alex’s parents. He has had a past life with them, it was a happy life where they were in a loving family.

Whenever I work on Xander, his sleep and behavior goes back to normal. However, anytime someone who Xander loves leaves for a period of time, he fears he will never see them again and is traumatized by it, because it triggers those past life memories. 

Luckily, now Sara knows what to do whenever sleep problems come up, she knows she can save her sanity and book a session with me to get everyone’s sleep back on track!


Julie, Steve and Zach

I started working with Zach when he was 14 mos old. He was very resistant to being “handled” – diaper changed, bathed, being lifted in and out of his high chair, car seat, etc. He was more reactive when it is his father who was handling him, than when it was his mother.

When I looked at the underlying causes, a past life came up in which Julie and Steve were also his parents. However, Steve was a very strict disciplinarian in that life and used corporal punishment on the children. Julie did not like the way her husband disciplined the children but Steve insisted she stay out of it. She felt powerless to do anything but Zach resented her for not protecting him. 

This has played out in a kind of power struggle with his parents in this life. Initially it was his resistance to being handled, which has mostly disappeared as I have worked on him. But now it has appeared in other areas of Zach’s life. 

His mother did not produce enough milk to satisfy him and had to supplement with a bottle. She desperately wants to continue to breastfeed him but he resists. He reaches for her breast but then turns away. She said it almost feels like a power struggle/control issue. The underlying emotions were: past life resentment, love unreceived, anger, sorrow.

One day, Julie decided to try using an infant doll to remind him how, and encourage Zach to breastfeed. She pretended she was feeding the infant, who she called “baby sister”.  Zach became hysterical and was inconsolable for the rest of the night. When we looked at the underlying causes it was the same past life. Steve was much harsher with Zach than he was with his sister and Zach was jealous and resentful of his sister in that life. He believed his parents loved her more because of the way they treated him. And he thought she was back in this life!


Rob, 4 and Sean,15 mos are brothers. They both have eczema on the skin especially on their wrists and ankles. It is so itchy the parents have to put socks on their hands at night and pin them to their pajamas. 

Also, the brothers are constantly bickering and Sean taunts Rob even though he’s only 1½. He constantly takes his toys and is mean to Rob. Rob won’t stand up to Sean and the underlying cause was past life guilt.

Sean has a lot of trouble sleeping, wakes up crying frequently. Rob also has issues with food, he overeats and eats too fast. 

A past life came up in which they were both imprisoned during the French Revolution.. They were shackled at the wrists and ankles which is where the eczema is located in this life. They were fed very little, resulting in Rob’s food issues and they were eventually executed for their crimes. Rob has a lot of guilt from that life because he was responsible for both of them being imprisoned. Sean also holds Rob responsible and blames him for it. They have clearly carried that trauma into this life including the guilt/blaming behavior. 

It’s interesting that in all 3 cases, the children were approx. 15 mos old when the issues started, seemingly triggered by past life memories. It’s also interesting that these issues usually cause sleep disturbances and frequent crying during the night.

The behavior usually dissipates after each session and returns to normal until something happens to trigger the past life memories again. It can take several sessions to work through all of the past life memories and other related emotions. 

If you can relate to any of the above stories, or your mama sense it telling you that something is just not right – please reach out so we can see if there is something we can clear to lead to quick behavioral & sleep changes!

How do I do this?

I am an Emotion Code practitioner. The Emotion Code is a system for releasing emotional blocks and trauma from past experiences, which can hold us back in every area of our lives. 

I am one of the few Emotion Code practitioners who not only works on these blocks and traumas in this life, but in past lives as well. These past life experiences affect us just as much, if not more than, the ones in our current life. 

The best part? This can be done in the comfort of your own home! Your child does not need to be present for the sessions. I do sessions in person, over the phone or Skype.

Cheryl Cullen 

There is Magic in the Universe!

Posted August 5th, 2018

There’s magic in the universe.  I’ve witnessed it several times during the last couple weeks. Last week, I helped my clients house sell their house for a very large sum of money after it had been on the market for a year.  It  looked like the perfect buyers had finally arrived but then the sale fell apart. So we just kept clearing the energies until the sale went through! It is so interesting about houses. Often, the people don’t want to let go of the house because of all the memories. Even though consciously they are ready to sell, subconsciously they’re hanging on. Sometimes it’s because they built the house or designed the house or poured their hearts and souls into it and raised their families there. Often the house doesn’t want let go of the people for the same reasons. I’ve helped a number of clients sell houses by clearing all these energies.

Then I helped a client reunite with her deceased dog in the body of a new puppy! The family’s beloved dog, Taz, had died suddenly about 6 mos prior. My client, Kim, started looking for a dog but was always thwarted in her search. I told her it just wasn’t the right timing yet. Then she called me a couple months later and said that they had found a litter of golden retrievers, and asked if her beloved Taz had anything to do with finding the new puppy. I instantly got chills up and down my body and my eyes filled with tears. Taz was coming back! And he was going to be in one of those puppies. Kim kept asking “how will I know which one is him”? I just said “you’ll know”. And the puppy picked them. Even the breeder said so. The puppy instantly crawled in Kim’s lap and bit her on the ear, which is what Taz always did to show affection!

I helped another client get two job offers from Microsoft after being unable to find a job for over a year.

Once blocks are removed, it allows the energy to flow and sometimes magic happens!

Broken Hearts and Breast Cancer

Posted July 22nd, 2018

Lately, I have been working with several clients who have breast cancer. The one link I’ve noticed with all of them and other people I have known who have had it – is broken hearts. It can be a broken heart about anything: childhood, divorce, low self esteem, death of a loved one, even from past lives. I know from experience with myself and clients, that it is often the sad stories we keep repeating to ourselves and others that keeps that grief in our energy fields.

I once heard a woman on the radio talking about being diagnosed with early stage breast cancer while she was mourning the death of her mother. She was meditating one day and heard “build a monument to your mother on your property, not in your breast”. She did just that, as well as other treatment, and the cancer went into remission.

I recently worked on myself using the Body Code and asked if I had anything to release that could lead to breast cancer and what came up was all the sadness I am still carrying from my dog dying and sister moving last year. Since I have already released a lot regarding that, there wasn’t much to release. However, I realized how important it is to let those losses go as soon as possible and clear any emotions that are still in the energy field because once they move into the body, they can lead to disease.

I think the reason this sometimes manifests as breast cancer, and often in the left breast, is it’s proximity to the heart. So keep your hearts happy and release any sadness you’re holding onto!

Adventures in Manifesting

Posted July 17th, 2017

This has been a very difficult year for me and I got to observe firsthand what it takes to manifest what you envision and what causes it to die on the vine.

As many of you know, last March my house pretty much fell down around me. It started with brown spots on the ceiling, which led to replacing the roof, much of the cedar siding, new gutters and painting. The water heater went out and we had to re-pipe the whole house. All of this occurred within a few weeks time.

Needless to say, I went into overwhelm, fear and panic. I live with my sister and have for 20 years. She reacted differently and somehow decided it was all my fault and blamed me continuously. There were daily fights in our normally peaceful home. We argued over everything – who to hire, how much to pay, who was going to be home to supervise. It was exhausting and extremely stressful. The more my home life crumbled, the more my businesses scrambled. Every time I went into fear and overwhelm, my income would drop off or more expenses would arise.

Once everything was repaired or replaced, she announced she was moving to Oregon, (which she has talked about for years) so we had to sell the house; which threw me into a whole new state of fear, overwhelm and panic. I did not want to sell the house or move. Housing prices have skyrocketed in Seattle in the last two years, if we sold the house I would have to leave the city. Again, I watched as things in other areas of my life started to go downhill as well.

I had to continue to release all of my negative emotions but my Guides kept assuring me that I could buy her out of the house, but it just seemed impossible as it was now worth three times what we had originally paid for it.  I asked the only person who was in the position to co-sign for me to do so. She agreed, but then as the weeks and months went by, she failed to send the necessary documents. Again, I went into despair thinking I would have to sell and move out of Seattle.

My Guides continued to reassure me that I would be able to buy the house on my own. As long as I trusted them and stayed out of fear, everything went smoothly. My house closes tomorrow!

The other, and perhaps most amazing, part is that I was able to quickly heal my relationship with my sister. I had to release the old resentments, anger and frustration between us from this life and past lives. Once that was all cleared, we agreed on a fair price and the transition went smoothly. Now we are back to being best friends again.

It was one of the most stressful years of my life, but what I gained from it is immeasurable: my own house and the knowledge that I have the power to truly create what I want, as we all do. All we have to do is envision it, believe it, and release any emotional blocks which naturally arise along the way, ask for assistance and follow the guidance we get. Looking back, I realize if I had just done that from the beginning, I would’ve eliminated so much of the stress and anxiety I went through.

Strong reactions to places and cultures

Posted June 13th, 2017

Every Memorial weekend, I attend Folklife Festival, the largest annual free music festival in the country. Different culture’s music, dance and foods are represented.

I was watching a Scottish dance performance and was surprised to see an east Indian man as part of the troupe. As I watched other musicians and dance troupes, I saw a lot of cross cultural participants. These performers may spend years learning and honing these skills. I wondered what the motivation would be. The answer, of course, is past lives!

Have you ever been traveling and felt “at home” in a foreign country or oddly uncomfortable there? I’ve had both experiences in Hawaii. The first time I went to Kauai, I fell hopelessly in love with it. I know I’m not the only one to fall in love with Kauai, but this was a deep yearning kind of feeling. I cried when I left.

On my next trip to Kauai, my friends, Tom and Linda, and I took a guided kayak/hiking tour and walked through forests where the Alli’i (royal family) had lived. Later we went to hear a Hawaiian storyteller. As she was telling a story (in Hawaiian), I burst into tears and sobbed!  Linda looked at me in horror and said “what’s wrong”? Through tears I said “I don’t know!”. The next morning, I meditated on this experience and discovered that I had lived in the forest we had visited that day and died from a disease as a young teenage girl. My heart was broken to leave my beloved family and homeland.

On my next trip to Hawaii, I visited Kona on the big Island. I had a heavy, sad feeling the entire week that I just couldn’t shake. Again, after meditating on it, I discovered a past life there that was completely stifling and unfulfilling. I did not follow my soul’s purpose in that lifetime and deeply regretted it.

Life is so much bigger and more interesting when we see it from a higher perspective and realize we’ve all lived and been part of cultures all over the world. It also makes us more tolerant of them, which is something we desperately need now.

nightmares, night terrors and sleepwalking

Posted May 17th, 2017

Recently, I have worked with several people who have had recurring nightmares or night terrors and one who would periodically sleepwalk!

The causes were all emotional – from this life or past lives and all took only one session to put an end to them. Which even I found amazing!

One client had two different dreams where she saw people killed up close and in detail. It turned out she was in the Vietnam war in her most recent past life. In that life, she was never able to forgive herself before she died for the killing she had participated in.

The client who had been sleepwalking had no recollection of it, but one time she woke up the next day with cuts and bruises and her dog locked out of her apartment. Another time, she discovered her car had dents in it which  weren’t there the day before. Truly frightened by the thought of sleep driving, she called me to set up a session.

She had been held at gunpoint as a teenager for 8 hours! Her husband died a few years ago and now that she was alone, with no one to protect her, the trauma from that experience was causing her to try to remain vigilant even while sleeping. We released the emotions of shock, terror, panic, etc and she has not had sleepwalking incidents since.

Another client kept having dreams where she died in them – in terrifying ways like falling off a cliff and she would actually feel the impact with her body during the dream, unlike most dreams where you wake up before the impact. She would be shaken from those dreams all day. Again, we were able to release the underlying emotions and energies in one session.

Past and present life traumas never leave us until we find a way to energetically release them from our bodies and minds – and only then can we find peace.

Here is a testimonial from a client:

“…the relief from night terrors since childhood”

Words cannot capture the relief I feel from night terrors since childhood that turned out to be rooted in a past life. My fear always overrode any intervention. Now they are gone.
– S. Seattle

the saga continues

Posted November 16th, 2016

If you’ve followed my ongoing saga about my house, finances, etc, here is another and, hopefully, the last installment.

As I mentioned in my last email, I backed into a car in a parking lot in August. Since then, I have gotten 3 tickets! The final one was today when I was traveling along Rainier Ave. at the pace of traffic. A policeman picked me out of traffic and pulled me over. He said I was speeding although everyone else was going the same speed – 35! (The speed limit had recently been reduced). In case you are by now assuming that I am a crazy/bad driver having hit a car and gotten 3 tickets in 2 months, I have not had any moving traffic violations in more than 10 years!

Knowing I must be doing something to attract all of this, I, as always, turned to the Body Code. Of course, therein lie the answer, which was the usual saboteur energies, psychic traumas, emotions, etc. However, I know from experience, once those are cleared we stop “broadcasting” those energies which attract to us whatever it is we fear/dread/are trying to avoid.

I worked with a client, a 22 yr old college student, who had this same situation. He would travel to college in Eastern Washington and back to Seattle regularly. He kept getting stopped and ticketed for various violations although he was being extremely careful to stay within the law. Once we released the fear, anxiety, overwhelm, etc from those incidents – poof – no more traffic tickets.

So if you find yourself attracting negative experiences, reactions, situations – it is probably something you are unconsciously projecting.

Here is a testimonial from a client:
“Why I have Emotion Code sessions every week”

I have been having Emotion Code sessions every week for the last 2 years, and I can’t wait for the next one.

The short reason for this is because finding the Emotion Code is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

The longer reason is because I want to be happy and successful, and that is so much more achievable when you release a lifetime of negative trapped emotions.

It is a scientific principle that when you project negative energy, you attract corresponding negative situations back to you.

And because all the negative experiences that we’ve had in our lives leave emotional imprints and programs that are still running in the background and affecting every area of our lives, I want to make sure they are neutralized as much as possible so that I don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

It’s like having a computer that has the potential for excellence, but the more viruses (negative emotions) there are, the more it will malfunction.

I also feel that doing this work is an investment in my physical health because I believe that negative trapped emotions accumulated in the body, can create dangerous illnesses.
Alexandra, London

Everything affects everything

Posted September 13th, 2016

I have recently realized that everything affects everything else (duh)! I tried to compartmentalize my life and work and focus on one area at a time, expecting it all to go well. However, I have discovered, through my own personal journey and those of my clients, that even though we may feel confident in one area, if you are struggling in another, it affects the whole.

I went though a period with my clients where they called me for lack of money or prosperity and what kept coming up was anger. Not anger around that topic but anger anywhere in their lives. If you are angry, it stops the flow of everything, it seems.

This was brought home to me recently, because my sister and I now have to repair/replace everything that has broken in our house in the last couple of months costing a lot of money. However, the more I focused on how much money was flowing out, the more unexpected expenses kept cropping up. It wasn’t until I backed into a car in a parking lot (which I’d never done before) that I realized what was going on. When I did an Emotion Code session on myself – all those energies and emotions of fear, anxiety, frustration are what showed up.

It was disheartening to realize that everything is inter-related. There is no flow, prosperity, harmony when we are focused on all the “crap” that we all have to deal with everyday, which is why we all struggle to make life and money flow. Just when we start to feel good about one aspect, another one rears its ugly head. I’ve realized that any negative emotional state stops the flow. If you are in debt or don’t have enough money to pay your bills, it is very hard to stay positive and focus on the outcome you want, but that is the only way to get the outcome you desire.

Manifesting (law of attraction) works the best, in my opinion, to help you stay focused on the outcome that you want. There are many, many tools out there: books, cds, apps. I recently downloaded an app of Louise Hay’s “Affirmation Meditations” and I listen and repeat them while I am driving or cleaning, etc.

The book “Instant Healing” by Dr. Susan Shumsky has very effective prayers in it to not only clear out negative energies and entities, but for manifesting the life you want.

When I first started my dog business back in 2000, I used this CD by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer called “Meditations for Manifesting” and it worked!

I am here to help you through this ongoing balance, if you need it, because I get it!

Feel cursed? Maybe you are!

Posted June 11th, 2016

The newest version of the Body Code has curses as a sub-category. I find a shocking number of people have been cursed in this lifetime or previous lifetimes. Someone can curse you by simply thinking intensely negative thoughts about you for a period of time. Often when I find that someone has been cursed they will say “I always felt like I was cursed” regarding money or love or success, etc.

As I explained in my last post, I had just about everything go wrong with my house that could within a month. I kept clearing myself thinking I had to be doing something to cause it. Then a curse came up. Someone, who I had considered a friend in this lifetime, had cursed me. Then another curse came up- this one was placed on my relationship with my sister by an entity. That’s the first curse by an entity I’ve seen. However, my sister and I have lived together for 19 years and we rarely fight or even argue! That month when everything was going wrong in our house we fought constantly – it was awful. Once I released the curses, everything smoothed out: our relationship; no more disasters in the house. It’s been quite a revelation!

Whenever I hear clients talk about how they have tried everything and worked so hard in a particular area but are continually defeated or bombarded with issues, I know now that it’s usually a curse or some sort of negative attachment or entity.
•I recently worked with a woman who had three curses from three different lifetimes. And her whole life has been an uphill struggle.
•Another client had persistent money issues. No matter how much money he made, unusual expenses would arise keeping him constantly in debt due to a past life curse
•Another woman has had a very hard time getting pregnant – she was cursed in a past by a woman who wanted to steal her husband.

If you feel like some aspect of your life is just not working and can’t explain it – it might be a curse! Book a session and find out!

Insights from Hawaii

Posted May 25th, 2016


I am sitting on the lanai of my timeshare on Kauai as I write this. This was not a good time for me to come to Kauai and I tried to rent out my timeshare – to no avail.

Within the last month just about everything that could go wrong with my house, has. I need a new roof, new cedar siding, the water heater blew up and now I need to have all the pipes replaced.  The last thing I could afford was a Hawaiian vacation.

However, as soon as I sat here on my lanai looking at the beautiful blue ocean, I realized this was exactly what I needed.  It helped me to reframe my situation and picture exactly what I want my future to look like.

Recently, I have worked with a number of clients who are facing much more dire situations than I – stage 4 cancer, multiple miscarriages, bankruptcy. What comes up for them to be released are the images and memory fields they hold of themselves, their finances, their health. As we release the images, thought forms and emotions associated with their current situations, it becomes clear to all of us that holing a negative image of any aspect of yourself, your relationships, or your life, keeps you locked in that situation.

But when you are in the middle of it, it seems impossible to do. The Emotion Code can release those images, thoughts and feelings from your energy field so you can begin to imagine a different reality. Which is exactly what needs to be done in order to create the outcome you desire.