There is Magic in the Universe!

There’s magic in the universe.  I’ve witnessed it several times during the last couple weeks. Last week, I helped my clients house sell their house for a very large sum of money after it had been on the market for a year.

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Broken Hearts and Breast Cancer

Lately, I have been working with several clients who have breast cancer. The one link I’ve noticed with all of them and other people I have known who have had it – is broken hearts. It can be a broken heart about anything: childhood,

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Adventures in Manifesting

This has been a very difficult year for me and I got to observe firsthand what it takes to manifest what you envision and what causes it to die on the vine. As many of you know, last March my house pretty

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Strong reactions to places and cultures

Every Memorial weekend, I attend Folklife Festival, the largest annual free music festival in the country. Different culture’s music, dance and foods are represented. I was watching a Scottish dance performance and was surprised to see an east Indian man as part of the troupe. As I

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nightmares, night terrors and sleepwalking

Recently, I have worked with several people who have had recurring nightmares or night terrors and one who would periodically sleepwalk! The causes were all emotional – from this life or past lives and all took only one session to put an

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