Strong reactions to places and cultures

Every Memorial weekend, I attend Folklife Festival, the largest annual free music festival in the country. Different culture’s music, dance and foods are represented. I was watching a Scottish dance performance and was surprised to see an east Indian man as part of the troupe. As I

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nightmares, night terrors and sleepwalking

Recently, I have worked with several people who have had recurring nightmares or night terrors and one who would periodically sleepwalk! The causes were all emotional – from this life or past lives and all took only one session to put an

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the saga continues

If you’ve followed my ongoing saga about my house, finances, etc, here is another and, hopefully, the last installment. As I mentioned in my last email, I backed into a car in a parking lot in August. Since then, I have gotten

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Everything affects everything

I have recently realized that everything affects everything else (duh)! I tried to compartmentalize my life and work and focus on one area at a time, expecting it all to go well. However, I have discovered, through my own personal journey and

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Feel cursed? Maybe you are!

The newest version of the Body Code has curses as a sub-category. I find a shocking number of people have been cursed in this lifetime or previous lifetimes. Someone can curse you by simply thinking intensely negative thoughts about you for a

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Insights from Hawaii

I am sitting on the lanai of my timeshare on Kauai as I write this. This was not a good time for me to come to Kauai and I tried to rent out my timeshare – to no avail. Within the last

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