Everything affects everything

I have recently realized that everything affects everything else (duh)! I tried to compartmentalize my life and work and focus on one area at a time, expecting it all to go well. However, I have discovered, through my own personal journey and those of my clients, that even though we may feel confident in one area, if you are struggling in another, it affects the whole.

I went though a period with my clients where they called me for lack of money or prosperity and what kept coming up was anger. Not anger around that topic but anger anywhere in their lives. If you are angry, it stops the flow of everything, it seems.

This was brought home to me recently, because my sister and I now have to repair/replace everything that has broken in our house in the last couple of months costing a lot of money. However, the more I focused on how much money was flowing out, the more unexpected expenses kept cropping up. It wasn’t until I backed into a car in a parking lot (which I’d never done before) that I realized what was going on. When I did an Emotion Code session on myself – all those energies and emotions of fear, anxiety, frustration are what showed up.

It was disheartening to realize that everything is inter-related. There is no flow, prosperity, harmony when we are focused on all the “crap” that we all have to deal with everyday, which is why we all struggle to make life and money flow. Just when we start to feel good about one aspect, another one rears its ugly head. I’ve realized that any negative emotional state stops the flow. If you are in debt or don’t have enough money to pay your bills, it is very hard to stay positive and focus on the outcome you want, but that is the only way to get the outcome you desire.

Manifesting (law of attraction) works the best, in my opinion, to help you stay focused on the outcome that you want. There are many, many tools out there: books, cds, apps. I recently downloaded an app of Louise Hay’s “Affirmation Meditations” and I listen and repeat them while I am driving or cleaning, etc.

The book “Instant Healing” by Dr. Susan Shumsky has very effective prayers in it to not only clear out negative energies and entities, but for manifesting the life you want.

When I first started my dog business back in 2000, I used this CD by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer called “Meditations for Manifesting” and it worked!

I am here to help you through this ongoing balance, if you need it, because I get it!

Posted September 13th, 2016

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