Remote and Virtual Past Life Healing Sessions

Since becoming a certified Emotion Code practitioner in 2012, I have helped over 1,000 people clear their trapped emotions and heal from various past life traumas. My approach uniquely blends the Emotion Code, Higher Self connection, and accessing the Akashic Records. I provide my services via phone or video calls, ensuring you can begin your journey to emotional harmony wherever you are.

Past Life Healing and Emotion Code

Whether it’s a lingering sense of unease, unexplained emotional patterns, or physical symptoms, these often stem from past life energies. During our sessions, I connect with your Higher Self, allowing me to access your deeper wisdom and insights. This connection is pivotal, guiding me in asking the right questions and interpreting the answers to uncover and clear the root causes of your issues. As a certified Akashic Record practitioner, I can access and open your Akashic Records to identify specific sources of trauma and pain. Since the Akashic Records hold the history of our entire lifetimes, opening them allows for further clarity and guidance.

The Emotion Code forms a significant part of our healing process. Emotional baggage and trauma aren’t just metaphors – they are real, trapped emotions, often from significant past experiences that your body couldn’t fully process. These trapped emotions can manifest as physical discomfort, emotional imbalances, or even recurring life challenges.

Our sessions focus on identifying and releasing these trapped emotions, facilitating a journey toward true emotional freedom. Due to the delicate nature of these services, healing can often take multiple sessions. However, as we clear these trapped emotions and past life energies, you’ll likely experience a newfound sense of peace and clarity. This healing transcends just the physical or emotional; it’s a holistic transformation that touches every aspect of your being.

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Signs You May Need A Past Life Healing Session

While I can often identify if there is trauma carried from a past life, it isn’t uncommon for people to recognize it on their own, consciously or subconsciously. While every situation is unique, some signs of needing a past life healing session can include:

  • Recurring emotional patterns that seem unrelated to your current life
  • Unexplained anxieties or fears without a clear source
  • Feelings of being stuck or blocked, especially in personal growth or relationships
  • Strong, inexplicable connections or aversions to certain people, places, or items
  • A consistent presence of emotions/emotional traits for as long as you can remember
  • Repeated patterns or themes in your life that you struggle to change
  • A deep sense of familiarity with certain historical events or eras

While these may not always mean past life traumas, they often indicate a deeper source of whatever emotions you are experiencing.

Begin Your Healing Journey Today

My goal is to help you release stuck energy, emotional baggage, and past life traumas, leading to a healthier, more harmonious life. With my services, we can open doors to a life of greater joy and fulfillment. It’s not just about addressing the past; it’s about empowering your future.

If you are uncertain whether this work is for you, I offer a free 20-minute consult which you can book here.

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