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A brighter future

With her incredible knowledge and experience, Cheryl effortlessly mends the broken, releases and resolves emotions, and helps to pave the way for a brighter future. Her skills are not limited to the emotional realm alone, her profound insights pierce through the veil of suffering soothing even the most tormented souls in need of almost any energetic resolve. Cheryl has been the most significant key player in my healing journey, and I could never thank her enough for all that she has done for me! Through her extraordinary gifts, she has brought to light my own beautiful gifts and that in itself is priceless!

De Anna Pentikainen


Cheryl is a true blessing in my life.

Cheryl and I started out about 9 years ago when my body, heart and soul were broken from a severe case of domestic violence. I could not stop shaking, crying and had PTSD along with everything else. I was very skeptical when we first met as a friend introduced us. Cheryl was so sweet with me and treated me like I was a porcelain doll, so I had a healing-cleansing session with her and to my surprise, after the session I literally started feeling better emotionally, physically and my energy shifted to a more peaceful place and was excited to do it again. I still have sessions with Cheryl about once a month through all these years. Her clearings assist me with my physical and emotional energy, body pains and with my two careers and so much more. Cheryl is a true blessing in my life. She really cares about her clients. I treasure her personally and professionally. I thank God that she is part of my life.



I am in a different place now, a positive place, pain-free and very content.
Cheryl Cullen’s Emotion Code Therapy is life-changing. The removal of trapped negative emotions in my body allowed the healing process to begin. I had a lot of trauma and abuse in my life, which caused negative emotions to become trapped in my body. She was patient, understanding, and compassionate; we had 12 sessions in 12 consecutive weeks. Cheryl identified the areas in my body where negative emotions were trapped. She removed them, which then allowed my body to begin healing. A lot has changed since my first session with Cheryl. I am in a different place now, a positive place, pain-free and very content. I strongly recommend her services.
Every day since I’ve met you, I wake up in the morning and can’t believe that it’s all real.
Your work literally transformed my reality. I’m a completely different person. I moved from an abusive household. I found my soulmate, and now I’m engaged and ready to build a happy and healthy family. I paid off all my debts and am now financially stable. I established a successful business and enjoy every day of my life because I do what I truly love. You gave me an opportunity to become free and happy again! Free from all my limited beliefs, past traumas and negative family scenarios. Every day since I’ve met you, I wake up in the morning and can’t believe that it’s all real. My life now is even better than I could ever imagined. I hope everyone can get to know you and experience this magical transformation. You are a gift for this world! Thank you for all your love and support.
Washington DC

I have felt an amazing shift in my body and spirit

In just 3 short sessions with Cheryl, I have felt an amazing shift in my body and spirit. Cheryl Makes me feel at ease, listens with empathy and is extremely gifted in healing energy and connecting to my spirit.
I have made connections and have clearer insights on how my past has affected me and have faith that I can leave it behind me.
Doing this work has helped me release SO much baggage and I look forward to my next session soon! It is really pure magic!



I highly encourage you to work with Cheryl – it will be life changing!
My first session with Cheryl was over the phone and she immediately put me at ease. I have worked with Cheryl for 2 years. I have attended the classes she teaches and she has taught me how to use a pendulum to get answers to questions from Spirit. Cheryl has helped me with several different issues – clearing negative energy from co-workers and helping our different family members and our dogs. Our older dog did not like our new puppy. Cheryl was able to communicate with both dogs and get the issues worked out. Our dogs get along wonderfully now. She was also able to find out why he was eating strange objects in our house and change that behavior. Cheryl also worked with our daughter after she had a car accident to release the emotional and physical trauma from her. I highly encourage you to do a session or more with Cheryl, it will be life changing – I promise you that!
I was skeptical but what you did for me changed my life
I wanted to reach out and thank you! After several miscarriages, I became pregnant two months after our last session. You did a lot of work with me to release emotional baggage, clearing it allowed the space for our little girl to join our world. I was skeptical about it all but what you did for me changed my life!
Cheryl’s methods are supportive, engaging and bring results
I came to Cheryl “stuck” with a big question- which path to take in my mid-life career change. Her guidence in helping me refine my questions inspired reflection and brought clarity. With Cheryl and the Emotion Code, I had fresh insights as well as the confidence to move in a new direction. Cheryl’s methods are supportive, engaging and bring results. A few months after our first visit, I’m settling in to exciting new career, filled with opportunities for learning and growth.

I had a spiritual awakening within a week of having my heart wall removed

About a year ago, I stumbled across the E-motion movie & in that movie, they described a woman whom I felt was a description of me. She was 33 & had not had a long term relationship in eight years. She had an energetic heart wall that was preventing love from coming in. I immediately felt called to meet with a practitioner & that’s when I met Cheryl. I did not know what to expect going into it, but as we did the work, we discovered that I did in fact have stored emotions in the form of a heart wall. She started to define emotions & timelines that matched up & there was no way she could’ve possibly known about them outside of this work. There were tears purging out of me. We removed my wall within three sessions & as soon as there was a shift in my inner world, my outer world began to follow suit.I had what I refer to as a spiritual awakening within a week of that third appointment. That lead to the unfolding of many other gifts…. I also believe that I have now met my spiritual union/life partner as a result. This work is very real & so extraordinarily rewarding!



Everything was so easy after you cleared the fear of public speaking.
I’m really happy- I went to an international leadership association conference and presented a paper with a colleague. Everything was so easy after you cleared me of fear of public speaking. Getting the paper written, the presentation slides, giving the talk- all very easy and no anxiety. It was a great success.
D. S.
My judgement of myself and others disappeared.
When I first left Cheryl’s office, I felt lighter. Throughout the next 2 weeks my judgement of myself and others disappeared. I had no idea that carrying around so much pride caused me to be so critical. I realized that holding onto so much emotional baggage has kept me stuck, always playing the negative tapes in my head. If there were a scale from 1 to 10 that showed where I started and where I am now and how I see the world, I would be at a 7.5. I will be scheduling another session soon. Can’t wait to see how my life will change!
Debbie C.
I experienced tangible, measurable, amazing results within 2 days.
Cheryl is warm, kind, compassionate and focused. I liked her immediately. I found Cheryl after listening to a fascinating podcast with Dr. Bradley Nelson, the founder of this work. I felt led to her. I have had two sessions at this point and experienced tangible, measurable, amazing results within 2 days of the second session. Without going in to my particular reasons for going – This works! This is real. There is no doubt in my mind that it truly releases emotional blocks that have gotten in the way of reaching my greatest potential in whatever area. Emotion Code work is amazingly simple, quick, painless. It’s amazing, there are no other words. Everyone can benefit from this brilliant work. Thank you thank you thank you! I’ll be back.

Cheryl Cullen is a truly skilled facilitator

The Emotion Code is a deceptively simple process that has delivered results for which I am grateful, including the disappearance of constant headaches and mental fog, with improving ability to focus. After three sessions, longtime fear and shame based issues lightened and renewed love for myself continues to grow. I am enjoying discovering the REAL me and letting go of who I am NOT. Having studied and facilitated many growth techniques, I am impressed with the effectiveness and ease of The Emotion Code. Cheryl Cullen is a truly skilled facilitator of the gift that the Emotion Code is!

Jody D.

I am forever grateful to Cheryl
I am forever grateful to Cheryl for her intuition, her compassion and her expertise in working with the Emotion Code. We originally had her talk with a dog we had that was adopted, in our review she mentioned she cleared his blocked emotions with the Emotion Code. I asked her what the Emotion Code was and she explained. Immediately, I knew this was what I needed. I asked her if it worked on people and she enlightened me further. While everyone is different, I felt the Emotion Code working during our first session, my eyes felt clearer, I was lighter, all the colors around me were more crisp and everything she and I worked on made sense. I have had several sessions with Cheryl and I am so thankful for all the clearing that has taken place. This work has changed my life with amazing transformation. Working with Cheryl is a great comfort. She has the genuine ability to actively listen and pin point with accuracy and detail the pertinent questions needed to conquer blocked emotions. Cheryl has since worked with our other dog, my daughter, and a few friends. We will continue to turn to her as things become stuck in our lives. I highly recommend for anyone that is contemplating using the Emotion Code to contact Cheryl, it will be an awesome gift to yourself, a loved one or anyone you know.
Cheryl P.
…the relief from night terrors since childhood
Words cannot capture the relief I feel from night terrors since childhood that turned out to be rooted in a past life. My fear always overrode any intervention. Now they are gone.
Why I have Emotion Code session every week
I had had enough of being unhappy and settling for less than I wanted in life, and I realized after studying lots of different self-help books that if I wanted to change, it had to come from the inside out. But trying to change yourself by repeating positive affirmations is completely ineffective if you have a ton of trapped and contradictory negative emotions running around in your subconscious mind. Releasing these debilitating emotions with the Emotion Code has been truly life-changing, and has made me happier, more confident, and has helped me to like who I am for the first time in my life.

“I feel a sense of peace I’ve never had before!

I literally cry with joy when I tell people about my work with Cheryl around money and love and how it’s changed me significantly!

In the first few sessions, I mostly noticed how the period of time, situations and emotions that Cheryl pinpointed were related to the issue I was clearing. There were so many aha moments for me! But, after about 4 sessions I started to see things actually changing in my life! The anxiety, fear and stress I had lived with as a freelancer was dramatically reduced and the work I was lacking started coming in as we cleared my blockages. But the best thing happened in my 7th session. The guy I was starting to date, who I was anxious and doubtful about because I hadn’t heard from him after our first date, actually contacted me right as Cheryl was clearing my last emotional block! It was astounding!

I feel I would have gone to therapy for years before I felt this way and understood how to make these changes in my life. Yet in less than two months with Cheryl, I now wake up everyday feeling calm about handling the normal ups and downs of these major areas of my life – a sense of peace I have never had before!

A Happy Client

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