Emotion Code sessions in person in Seattle,
and around the world, via phone and Skype.

What do we all want in life?
To be happy!

To feel confident
To release our fears and self-doubts
To stop worrying and enjoy life

To have more money!

I want to help you be, do or have whatever
it is that you want in life.

I am results-oriented. I was the first Certified Emotion Code Practitioner in Seattle and after eight years of working with clients using the Emotion Code, I’ve realized it is often our negative thoughts, as well as our trapped emotions, which hold us back. During a session, I use the Emotion Code, as well as my coaching skills, to release the blocks to attaining/achieving what you really want to be, do or have.

Sometimes, those blocks may have occurred in past lifetimes. I believe this is the missing piece in so much of the work out there. If we are looking for all of the answers, issues, and blocks in this life only, we are missing a big piece of the puzzle.

If a client says something like “I’ve always been angry…” or “I have been sad for as long as I can remember…” that indicates to me that this issue started before this lifetime. Or it could be something you absorbed from one of your parents, or inherited from them.

This work is endlessly fascinating and I can help you release all of these, but it is not a “one and done” process. The Emotion Code, and the other work I do, is like therapy on steroids, but it can take several sessions or more. However, we can do the equivalent of years of therapy in a few weeks or months.

Cheryl Cullen

Hello! I’m Cheryl. I have been a certified Emotion Code practitioner since 2012.

I offer sessions for both people and for animals. In-person sessions are available in my office in Seattle, or online sessions around the world via Skype.

I’ve found not only does this practice work for my clients, but I also use it on myself regularly! Imagine what it feels like to be free from all of those trapped old emotional experiences.

What People Say

“I have felt an amazing shift in my body and spirit”
"in just three short sessions with Cheryl, I have felt an amazing shift in my body and spirit. Cheryl Makes me feel at ease, listens with empathy and is extremely gifted in healing energy and connecting to my spirit. I have made connections and have clearer insights on how my past has affected me and have faith that I can leave it behind me. Doing this work has helped me release SO much baggage and I look forward to my next session soon! It is really pure magic!"
“I experienced tangible, measurable, amazing results within 2 days”
Cheryl is warm, kind, compassionate and focused. I liked her immediately. I have had two sessions at this point and experienced tangible, measurable, amazing results within two days of the second session. Without going in to my particular reasons for going – This works! This is real. There is no doubt in my mind that it truly releases emotional blocks that have gotten in the way of reaching my greatest potential in whatever area. Emotion Code work is amazingly simple, quick, painless.
Nancy H.
“Emotion Code works remarkably well for our companion animals”
The Emotion Code therapy offered by Cheryl Cullen works remarkably well for our companion animals. I highly recommend this therapy for anyone wanting to further their animal friend’s well being and strengthen your understanding and connection with the animal.
Lisa K. Reising, DVM
“I was skeptical but what you did for me changed my life”
I wanted to reach out and thank you! After several miscarriages, I became pregnant two months after our last session. You did a lot of work with me to release emotional baggage, clearing it allowed the space for our little girl to join our world. I was skeptical about it all but what you did for me changed my life!

Emotion Code Sessions

I offer in-person sessions (Seattle area), remote sessions,
and a variety of services and packages to meet my client’s needs.
Book a free consultation to learn more about the healing benefits of the Emotion Code!

Free Consultation

If you’re curious to learn how the Emotion Code can help, then schedule a free introductory 20-minute session to discover the benefits of releasing trapped emotions.

Emotion Code Sessions

60-minute sessions for new and existing clients.
Release trapped emotions, correct imbalances in the body and address specific emotional issues.

Emotion Code Pet Sessions

Animals can suffer from trapped emotions just as people can. They can also absorb their people’s emotions. Often it’s these emotions that are causing behavioral issues. Health and physical issues are also addressed

Winter Special

Save $15 on a single session.
Regular price $90, now only $75.

Save $15 on a
single session.
Regular price $90,
now only $75.

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