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“I feel a sense of peace I’ve never had before!”

I do emotion code sessions over the phone or in my office in Seattle, they are equally as effective either way. A session lasts about an hour, which is plenty of time to release a lot of emotional baggage! I start the session by talking to the client about what the main issue is that they want to work on. Unlike therapy, a lot of background information is not necessary. I can usually ascertain pretty quickly what the key points are which need to be cleared.  I connect with my guides and my client’s guides at the beginning of each session. This helps me access their higher wisdom which comes to me through intuition. I am often guided which questions to ask and also how to interpret the answers. People are quite amazed by all that comes up during a session.

woman with purple shirt in windOften past lives will come up to be cleared during a session because in this life we are working on issues from one or more past lives. We face similar obstacles and situations as we have before, so that we can make better choices this time. For example, starving to death in a past life can lead to the inability to lose weight or to refrain from overeating in this one. Clearing those past life energies can shift the way we look at food and allow us to change our habits.

The important people in our lives are often people we were with in past lives and, therefore, we are once again dealing with the same conflicts and problems we had with them in those lives. Clearing those past life energies can really shift the dynamic of a relationship in this life.

I find this work endlessly fascinating and each session is completely different. I am thrilled to have been able to help so many people and animals to live happier and healthier lives.

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