Feel cursed? Maybe you are!

The newest version of the Body Code has curses as a sub-category. I find a shocking number of people have been cursed in this lifetime or previous lifetimes. Someone can curse you by simply thinking intensely negative thoughts about you for a period of time. Often when I find that someone has been cursed they will say “I always felt like I was cursed” regarding money or love or success, etc.

As I explained in my last post, I had just about everything go wrong with my house that could within a month. I kept clearing myself thinking I had to be doing something to cause it. Then a curse came up. Someone, who I had considered a friend in this lifetime, had cursed me. Then another curse came up- this one was placed on my relationship with my sister by an entity. That’s the first curse by an entity I’ve seen. However, my sister and I have lived together for 19 years and we rarely fight or even argue! That month when everything was going wrong in our house we fought constantly – it was awful. Once I released the curses, everything smoothed out: our relationship; no more disasters in the house. It’s been quite a revelation!

Whenever I hear clients talk about how they have tried everything and worked so hard in a particular area but are continually defeated or bombarded with issues, I know now that it’s usually a curse or some sort of negative attachment or entity.
•I recently worked with a woman who had three curses from three different lifetimes. And her whole life has been an uphill struggle.
•Another client had persistent money issues. No matter how much money he made, unusual expenses would arise keeping him constantly in debt due to a past life curse
•Another woman has had a very hard time getting pregnant – she was cursed in a past by a woman who wanted to steal her husband.

If you feel like some aspect of your life is just not working and can’t explain it – it might be a curse! Book a session and find out!

Posted June 11th, 2016

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