nightmares, night terrors and sleepwalking

Recently, I have worked with several people who have had recurring nightmares or night terrors and one who would periodically sleepwalk!

The causes were all emotional – from this life or past lives and all took only one session to put an end to them. Which even I found amazing!

One client had two different dreams where she saw people killed up close and in detail. It turned out she was in the Vietnam war in her most recent past life. In that life, she was never able to forgive herself before she died for the killing she had participated in.

The client who had been sleepwalking had no recollection of it, but one time she woke up the next day with cuts and bruises and her dog locked out of her apartment. Another time, she discovered her car had dents in it which  weren’t there the day before. Truly frightened by the thought of sleep driving, she called me to set up a session.

She had been held at gunpoint as a teenager for 8 hours! Her husband died a few years ago and now that she was alone, with no one to protect her, the trauma from that experience was causing her to try to remain vigilant even while sleeping. We released the emotions of shock, terror, panic, etc and she has not had sleepwalking incidents since.

Another client kept having dreams where she died in them – in terrifying ways like falling off a cliff and she would actually feel the impact with her body during the dream, unlike most dreams where you wake up before the impact. She would be shaken from those dreams all day. Again, we were able to release the underlying emotions and energies in one session.

Past and present life traumas never leave us until we find a way to energetically release them from our bodies and minds – and only then can we find peace.

Here is a testimonial from a client:

“…the relief from night terrors since childhood”

Words cannot capture the relief I feel from night terrors since childhood that turned out to be rooted in a past life. My fear always overrode any intervention. Now they are gone.
– S. Seattle

Posted May 17th, 2017

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