My Fear of Self-Promotion

I’ve recently had to come face to face with my fear of self-promotion and of being successful. I’ve always wanted to fly under the radar and keep a low profile. I now realize it has effected every aspect of my life, most importantly my businesses

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How to “let go of your story” – Part 2

Here is a follow up on Obie and his aggressive behavior (Blog post Dec 2014). Obie continued to be a model citizen at the dog park and I almost forgot about his previous behavior. Then this past week I started thinking about how he used to behave

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How to “let go of your story”

This is a common meme right now and I totally agree. The more we can let go of the past, the better our lives, both present and future, can be. But it is easier said than done. We all would love to

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Dog aggression

Obie (with Frisbee) started showing signs of aggression around 18 months, which is when a dog is reaching maturity. Generally, he was a friendly, fun guy but I began to see a pattern where he would bully younger, more timid dogs. It seemed

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The Emotion Code and past life fears

While doing Emotion Code sessions with clients, I have recently been working with more past life issues. Dr. Nelson, who developed  the Emotion Code and  the Body Code,  has said that  when  trapped emotions from past lives come up, it is usually

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