Adventures in Manifesting

This has been a very difficult year for me and I got to observe firsthand what it takes to manifest what you envision and what causes it to die on the vine.

As many of you know, last March my house pretty much fell down around me. It started with brown spots on the ceiling, which led to replacing the roof, much of the cedar siding, new gutters and painting. The water heater went out and we had to re-pipe the whole house. All of this occurred within a few weeks time.

Needless to say, I went into overwhelm, fear and panic. I live with my sister and have for 20 years. She reacted differently and somehow decided it was all my fault and blamed me continuously. There were daily fights in our normally peaceful home. We argued over everything – who to hire, how much to pay, who was going to be home to supervise. It was exhausting and extremely stressful. The more my home life crumbled, the more my businesses scrambled. Every time I went into fear and overwhelm, my income would drop off or more expenses would arise.

Once everything was repaired or replaced, she announced she was moving to Oregon, (which she has talked about for years) so we had to sell the house; which threw me into a whole new state of fear, overwhelm and panic. I did not want to sell the house or move. Housing prices have skyrocketed in Seattle in the last two years, if we sold the house I would have to leave the city. Again, I watched as things in other areas of my life started to go downhill as well.

I had to continue to release all of my negative emotions but my Guides kept assuring me that I could buy her out of the house, but it just seemed impossible as it was now worth three times what we had originally paid for it.  I asked the only person who was in the position to co-sign for me to do so. She agreed, but then as the weeks and months went by, she failed to send the necessary documents. Again, I went into despair thinking I would have to sell and move out of Seattle.

My Guides continued to reassure me that I would be able to buy the house on my own. As long as I trusted them and stayed out of fear, everything went smoothly. My house closes tomorrow!

The other, and perhaps most amazing, part is that I was able to quickly heal my relationship with my sister. I had to release the old resentments, anger and frustration between us from this life and past lives. Once that was all cleared, we agreed on a fair price and the transition went smoothly. Now we are back to being best friends again.

It was one of the most stressful years of my life, but what I gained from it is immeasurable: my own house and the knowledge that I have the power to truly create what I want, as we all do. All we have to do is envision it, believe it, and release any emotional blocks which naturally arise along the way, ask for assistance and follow the guidance we get. Looking back, I realize if I had just done that from the beginning, I would’ve eliminated so much of the stress and anxiety I went through.

Posted July 17th, 2017

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