There is Magic in the Universe!

There’s magic in the universe.  I’ve witnessed it several times during the last couple weeks. Last week, I helped my clients house sell their house for a very large sum of money after it had been on the market for a year.  It  looked like the perfect buyers had finally arrived but then the sale fell apart. So we just kept clearing the energies until the sale went through! It is so interesting about houses. Often, the people don’t want to let go of the house because of all the memories. Even though consciously they are ready to sell, subconsciously they’re hanging on. Sometimes it’s because they built the house or designed the house or poured their hearts and souls into it and raised their families there. Often the house doesn’t want let go of the people for the same reasons. I’ve helped a number of clients sell houses by clearing all these energies.

Then I helped a client reunite with her deceased dog in the body of a new puppy! The family’s beloved dog, Taz, had died suddenly about 6 mos prior. My client, Kim, started looking for a dog but was always thwarted in her search. I told her it just wasn’t the right timing yet. Then she called me a couple months later and said that they had found a litter of golden retrievers, and asked if her beloved Taz had anything to do with finding the new puppy. I instantly got chills up and down my body and my eyes filled with tears. Taz was coming back! And he was going to be in one of those puppies. Kim kept asking “how will I know which one is him”? I just said “you’ll know”. And the puppy picked them. Even the breeder said so. The puppy instantly crawled in Kim’s lap and bit her on the ear, which is what Taz always did to show affection!

I helped another client get two job offers from Microsoft after being unable to find a job for over a year.

Once blocks are removed, it allows the energy to flow and sometimes magic happens!

Posted August 5th, 2018

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