What Is Emotion Code?

Trapped emotions are true burdens. Imagine the heights you can soar with that weight lifted off you!

Trapped emotions color our behaviors. For some, they are paralyzing. They result in inabilities to act on the things we know would better ourselves. For others, trapped emotions cause us to engage in destructive behaviors that eliminate any opportunities we have for improving our lives and freeing our best selves.

desert sceneryOur trapped emotions are caused by significant experiences in our past. When you experience something that overwhelms you,  the body cannot process all of the emotions it is experiencing so they become lodged in the body or energy field.


A recent study shows that we can also inherit trapped emotions from our parents just like we inherit any other trait in our DNA. These inherited trapped emotions appear as behavior traits–such as a tendency to be easily overwhelmed– just like your mother or father!

Rather than continue to struggle under the weight of these negative emotions, trying to ignore the unrest or unhappiness that hinders you, the emotion code can help you release them once and for all. This quick and easy process is a non-intrusive method. Unlike therapy, it does not require dredging up the past or revealing details you may not want to delve into. It is cost-effective. It is very gentle. Yet it is powerful.

In one Emotion Code session we can remove numerous emotions that have been creating the negative issues you are experiencing. Essentially, we go back in time, whether it was a past life, earlier in this life or yesterday and release those negative emotions and balance the energy field. Once a significant number of them have been released, the energy starts to flow again in this area of your life and you begin the see the results you are seeking.

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