Animal Communicator For Pets

“Cheryl has since worked with our other dog, my daughter, and a few friends. We will continue to turn to her as things become stuck in our lives”

Do you ever feel like your animal understands what you are saying or can read your mind? They can! Animals communicate using telepathy, which means they transmit words, pictures and feelings via their minds. I have studied with several well-known animal communicators including Joan Ranquet, Danielle MacKinnon and Mary Getten.

dog on beachThis ability is innate in people as well but we stopped using it eons ago. We can re-learn this skill with practice. It took me many years to believe in and trust my ability to do this. After practicing on hundreds of animals, I trust the information I get. And their owners do too! Animal owners have either confirmed the information I’ve shared with them from their pets and/or it has solved problems that dog training and other methods had not resolved!

When I learned about the Emotion Code it immediately felt like the missing piece in my work. I discovered how quickly people and animals could release their long-standing issues and blocks and how that made much more significant changes in their personalities and behaviors.

I usually do emotion code sessions with people and their animals over the phone! I talk to the person about whatever issue the animal is having and then connect telepathically with their animal to get the animal’s perspective, then relay that to the person. Then using the emotion code, I can release the trapped emotions underlying the problem. Animals and their behaviors are complicated and often the behavior results from a dynamic between the animal and their owners or between other animals in the household. It can take a few sessions to clear all of these varying factors.


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