“I have felt an amazing shift in my body and spirit”

In just 3 short sessions with Cheryl, I have felt an amazing shift in my body and spirit. Cheryl Makes me feel at ease, listens with empathy and is extremely gifted in healing energy and connecting to my spirit.
I have made connections and have clearer insights on how my past has affected me and have faith that I can leave it behind me.
Doing this work has helped me release SO much baggage and I look forward to my next session soon! It is really pure magic!

I highly encourage you to work with Cheryl – it will be life changing!”

My first session with Cheryl was over the phone and she immediately put me at ease. I have worked with Cheryl for 2 years.

I have attended the classes she teaches and she has taught me how to use a pendulum to get answers to questions from Spirit.

Cheryl has helped me with several different issues – clearing negative energy from co-workers and helping our different family members and our dogs.

Our older dog did not like our new puppy. Cheryl was able to communicate with both dogs and get the issues worked out. Our dogs get along wonderfully now. She was also able to find out why he was eating strange objects in our house and change that behavior.

Cheryl also worked with our daughter after she had a car accident to release the emotional and physical trauma from her.

I highly encourage you to do a session or more with Cheryl, it will be life changing – I promise you that!


“I was skeptical but what you did for me changed my life”

I wanted to reach out and thank you! After several miscarriages, I became pregnant two months after our last session. You did a lot of work with me to release emotional baggage, clearing it allowed the space for our little girl to join our world. I was skeptical about it all but what you did for me changed my life!

“27 sessions vs. 300 weeks of therapy”

Twenty-seven sessions later…I cannot fully express in words the gratitude I feel for Cheryl Cullen and the amazing work she does. I was suffering from agoraphobia(fear of going outside), depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and was in a codependent relationship. I had been seeing a traditional therapist prior to moving to Seattle and knew I needed to find another therapist however I happened upon a movie called “E-Motion”, and what Dr. Bradley Nelson spoke of intrigued me greatly. I went to his website to see if I could locate a practitioner within Seattle. As fate would have it Cheryl was less then a mile from me and I began seeing her a week later.

It has taken me – with Cheryl’s love, patience and perseverance – roughly 27 sessions to move past my issues from my childhood, past lives and adult struggles. I have seen several therapists over the years and have been in therapy for close to six years – almost 300 weeks of therapy! I know 27 sessions seems like a lot but compared to traditional therapy that is only 27 weeks, just a short 7 months to be completely free of panic attacks and anxiety is an amazing thing to me but to have all of my issues cleared is a miracle in my opinion! Cheryl has helped me where traditional therapy has not. I have found such peace through the work Cheryl has done. I have found forgiveness. I no longer struggle with depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety or agoraphobia. I have moved past my need for codependency.

It was not always easy, with things getting worse before they got better. Initially, I thought (or rather hoped) that it would only take 3 to 5 sessions and I didn’t commit to it regularly but I am so in awe of where I am now in such a short period of time! I didn’t and in some ways still don’t completely understand what Cheryl does, or how it works but I am forever grateful. I will continue to see Cheryl on a regular basis to clear up issues that come into my life. I want to be proactive going forward and I don’t want to wait for issues to build up within me.

I look at this work as a type of vitamin regiment for my mind, body and spirit. Many of us take daily vitamins to maintain our health yet our mental health is failing and even the World Health Organization (WHO) states that “there is no health without mental health.”* I am so thankful for the work Cheryl does!

“Why I have Emotion Code session every week”

I have been having Emotion Code sessions every week for the last 2 years, and I can’t wait for the next one.
The short reason for this is because finding the Emotion Code is one of the best things that ever happened to me. The longer reason is because I want to be happy and successful, and that is so much more achievable when you release a lifetime of negative trapped emotions.
It is a scientific principle that when you project negative energy, you attract corresponding negative situations back to you.
And because all the negative experiences that you’ve had in your lifetime leave trapped negative emotions in the mind and body, these will often be exerting some (or even a lot) of influence on you in the present.
It’s like having a computer that has the potential for excellence, but the more viruses (negative emotions) there are, the more malfunctioning it will be.

I had had enough of being unhappy and settling for less than I wanted in life, and I realized after studying lots of different self-help books that if I wanted to change, it had to come from the inside out.
But trying to change yourself by repeating positive affirmations is completely ineffective if you have a ton of trapped and contradictory negative emotions running around in your subconscious mind.
Releasing these debilitating emotions with the Emotion Code has been truly life-changing, and has made me happier, more confident, and has helped me to like who I am for the first time in my life.
I often come across other self improvement methods which in the past would have excited me, but now I just laugh because nothing measures up to the Emotion Code.

I have tried several practitioners, but finding Cheryl was important for my healing journey because I feel so comfortable and safe talking to her about all the areas of my life which I would like to release on.
She is amazing at bringing up and releasing a ton of negative stuff and is even able to work on past lives which can affect us in this present lifetime.
Sometimes my session will be focused on a new issue such as a persistent cough, and it’s surprising where that can lead.
Other times I may want to work on childhood issues or have questions about someone such as, have I known them in a past life?
There are endless things to work on whether it’s testing the efficacy of a product I’m using, or checking in on why I reacted in a certain way in a situation that came up.

The other beautiful thing about these sessions is that it’s all about You. How often do you have the luxury of releasing away your problems, with a brilliant and competent practitioner?
I love the process and still find it absolutely fascinating especially when we get re-routed to previous lifetimes which is often.
Additionally, talking to Cheryl each week feels like I have a confidant on my side.

There are things in my past such as unrequited love relationships and financial hardships that I never want to repeat.
And as all these negative experiences leave emotional imprints and programs that are still running in the background and effecting every area of our lives, I want to make sure they are neutralized as much as possible so that I don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.
I also feel that doing this work is an investment in my physical health because I believe that negative trapped emotions accumulated in the body, can create dangerous illnesses.

These days after all the releasing that we’ve done, it’s not unusual for me to feel on top of the world.
It’s like having a luxurious bath where all your aches and pains are washed away and you come out feeling like a million dollars.
Some people cannot believe that I’ve been having these sessions every week for the last 2 years, but I explain to them that we have a huge emotional body that remembers everything negative that has ever happened to us, and the emotions that are left behind need to be released, otherwise they will keep effecting us indefinitely.
I sometimes think of it as like having an emotional colonic and the more old baggage that you let go of, the better you feel.
So hell yeah I have a session every week, and I can’t wait for the next one!
Why I have Emotion Code sessions every week

“I had a spiritual awakening within a week of having my heart wall removed”

About a year ago, I stumbled across the E-motion movie & in that movie, they described a woman whom I felt was a description of me. She was 33 & had not had a long term relationship in eight years. She had an energetic heart wall that was preventing love from coming in. I immediately felt called to meet with a practitioner & that’s when I met Cheryl.

I did not know what to expect going into it, but as we did the work, we discovered that I did in fact have stored emotions in the form of a heart wall. She started to define emotions & timelines that matched up & there was no way she could’ve possibly known about them outside of this work. There were tears purging out of me.

We removed my wall within three sessions & as soon as there was a shift in my inner world, my outer world began to follow suit.I had what I refer to as a spiritual awakening within a week of that third appointment. That lead to the unfolding of many other gifts….

I also believe that I have now met my spiritual union/life partner as a result.

This work is very real & so extraordinarily rewarding!

-Karen, Seattle


“…it was like his memory of the event had been wiped clean”

I have been helped by Cheryl and her work with Emotion Code for the past year and a half on issues regarding my pets and myself and I can’t thank her enough. Recently she assisted me so dramatically. My year old cockatiel had suddenly become freaked out and was afraid of me and everything.  This was Cheryl’s second time working with him.  I mention this because I think it made a difference in how well she could communicate with him.  What was amazing was as soon as the hour was over, my little bird was completely back to normal after spending an entire afternoon cowering in his cage so uncharacteristically. It was like his memory of the event was wiped clean away.  I also appreciated her helping me return to normal, too. I highly recommend opening up to Cheryl’s capable use of the Emotion Code.


“I feel a sense of peace I’ve never had before!”

I literally cry with joy when I tell people about my work with Cheryl around money and love and how it’s changed me significantly!

In the first few sessions, I mostly noticed how the period of time, situations and emotions that Cheryl pinpointed were related to the issue I was clearing. There were so many aha moments for me! But, after about 4 sessions I started to see things actually changing in my life! The anxiety, fear and stress I had lived with as a freelancer was dramatically reduced and the work I was lacking started coming in as we cleared my blockages. But the best thing happened in my 7th session. The guy I was starting to date, who I was anxious and doubtful about because I hadn’t heard from him after our first date, actually contacted me right as Cheryl was clearing my last emotional block! It was astounding!

I feel I would have gone to therapy for years before I felt this way and understood how to make these changes in my life. Yet in less than 2 months with Cheryl, I now wake up everyday feeling calm about handling the normal ups and downs of these major areas of my life – a sense of peace I have never had before!

“Cheryl is caring, attentive, and talented.”

I have had several phone sessions with Cheryl and have found her to be kind, understanding, as well as brilliant at connecting with and resolving issues among my cats.

I have a multiple cat household and Cheryl is able to communicate with them individually and release their trapped emotions against each other, resulting in a more peaceful environment!

Additionally, one of my cats was an extremely fussy eater and has always been underweight as a result of being so picky with his food. Often I would have to open several different tins to find something to his liking, and would frequently have to run after him with a plate begging him to eat! On top of that, he would only eat in a separate room from my other cats.

After working with Cheryl there has been a complete, almost unrecognizable turn around in his behavior, and he now eats absolutely anything I put in front of him, together in the same place with my other cats, plus he is a healthy weight, if a little bit on the heavy side!

Also recently I had a cat that died unexpectedly after a surgery, and Cheryl was able to connect with his spirit and communicate between the two of us which helped tremendously with my grief, and gave me the closure that I needed to move on.

Cheryl is caring, attentive, and talented and has the ability to communicate and resolve issues with animals, connect with deceased love ones, as well as clear negatives emotions from this and previous lifetimes.

I am now booking Cheryl for my own private issues and I feel completely comfortable and safe opening up to her about personal things that need clearing.

“…the relief from night terrors since childhood”

Words cannot capture the relief I feel from night terrors since childhood that turned out to be rooted in a past life. My fear always overrode any intervention. Now they are gone.

“My prostate pain went away and has not returned.”

I was having constant prostate pain and was considering which way to look for a doctor to deal with it.  I mentioned it to Cheryl during a session, we worked on it for a few minutes over the phone, and that evening, the pain went away and has not returned.  I feel so incredibly grateful!

“Since yesterday’s session I have been running three times. Yay!!”

Since yesterday’s session I have been running three times. I haven’t run in years but used to love it. Haven’t been able to get motivated to start. I think your session must have released whatever was stopping me. Yay!!

“I am inundated with opportunities that I never thought would come my way.”

I could list all of the opportunities and material successes I’ve received that have come from my work with Cheryl, but none of those compare to the changes I’ve experienced in myself.

There have been countless issues and especially resentments that have been lifted. I walk this world with a lightness and peace that brightens others. It is amazing that I can go forward without the feelings of blame I carried, I blamed myself for not being successful and my parents for  not providing me with what I thought I needed, and the world for not recognizing my talents. Cheryl released these trapped emotions and I am inundated with opportunities that I never thought would come my way.

As an artist, I always believed that being successful was out of my reach. I believed that my life as an artist would mean that I would not be recognized or appreciated for my work. The more work that I do with Cheryl, the more that I see that this belief is not true for me. Thank you, Cheryl, for the work you do.


“Percy is walking with his tail vertical in the air, whereas before he would walk with his shoulders and tail down.”

I want to let you know that Percy seems to be a lot happier since you released his overwhelm and humiliation, and he is walking tall with his tail vertical in the air, whereas before he would walk with his shoulders and tail down.
Also his self esteem seems to have improved, he seems to be more confident, and his jaw problem (Yapping sound) seems to have disappeared!!

“Cheryl’s methods are supportive, engaging and bring results”

“I came to Cheryl “stuck” with a big question- which path to take in my mid-life career change.  Her guidence in helping me refine my questions inspired reflection and brought clarity. With Cheryl and the Emotion Code, I had fresh insights as well as the confidence to move in a new direction. Cheryl’s methods are supportive, engaging and bring results. A few months after our first visit, I’m settling in to exciting new career, filled with opportunities for learning and growth.”

“Everything was so easy after you cleared the fear of public speaking”

I’m really happy- I went to an international leadership association conference and presented a paper with a colleague. Everything was so easy after you cleared me of fear of public speaking. Getting the paper written, the presentation slides, giving the talk- all very easy and no anxiety. It was a great success.

“You have done magic!”

You have done magic! 🙂 Today I had a tough choice in making a decision on two fantastic job offers. I will start at Microsoft next week. I know that it did not happen without your help! Thank you again.

“…have been revelatory and effective far beyond my expectations.”

The Emotion Code sessions that Cheryl has done for my cats and myself have been amazing, revelatory and effective far beyond my expectations.

I first contacted Cheryl regarding my cats, Chloe and Quinn. Quinn had been aggressively playful with Chloe since I brought him home as a kitten and Chloe, a gentle lady kitty, doesn’t play that way and she started living under the bed. I came home one day to find her looking ill. A vet and cardiologist determined Chloe was in heart failure. We started her on medication and her condition improved but, even after a few weeks, she wouldn’t come out from under the bed. That’s when I found Cheryl.

Cheryl began by identifying and clearing trapped emotions that were affecting Chloe’s heart, kidneys and general health. Some of the trapped emotions were Chloe’s own. Others were emotions Chloe had inherited or taken on from me or others.

Next, Cheryl addressed Chloe’s relationship with Quinn. Cheryl worked with each of them, clearing emotions related to the other. And…things got much better. Quinn no longer jumps on Chloe. Chloe’s health and energy have continued to improve. She is still wary of Quinn, but she no longer lives under the bed (huge!!) and every week she seems more confident and comfortable as she grows accustomed to this new Quinn. There is now a harmony in my home that hadn’t existed since I brought Quinn home.

I next contacted Cheryl to do a session for myself. An issue with the IRS had me feeling very fearful, unreasonably so. Cheryl started the session by identifying the primary fear my soul was dealing with in this lifetime. It was a fear of powerlessness. She then guided me through two related past lives and we cleared the trapped emotions related to each of them. It was a very powerful clearing. Since the session, my fear of the IRS has faded and I am feeling more empowered and expansive.

I had one more session where we addressed family issues. It was amazing to learn about my past life connections with family members and clear stored emotions from myself and from them. What I learned in that session has change my perspective of my life. I can hardly wait for my next session


“I experienced tangible, measurable, amazing results within 2 days”

Cheryl  is warm, kind, compassionate and focused. I liked her immediately. I found Cheryl   after listening to a fascinating podcast with Dr. Bradley Nelson, the founder of this work. I felt led to her. I have had two sessions at this point and experienced tangible, measurable, amazing results within 2 days of the second session. Without going in to my particular reasons for going – This works! This is real. There is no doubt in my mind that it truly releases emotional blocks that have gotten in the way of reaching my greatest potential in whatever area. Emotion Code work is amazingly simple, quick, painless. It’s amazing, there are no other words. Everyone can benefit from this brilliant work.
Thank you thank you thank you!  I’ll be back.

“My judgement of myself and others disappeared.”

When I first left Cheryl’s office, I felt lighter. Throughout the next 2 weeks my judgement of myself and others disappeared. I had no idea that carrying around so much pride caused me to be so critical. I realized that holding onto so much emotional baggage has kept me stuck, always playing the negative tapes in my head. If there  were a scale from 1  to 10  that showed where I started and where I am now and how I see the world, I would be  at a 7.5. I will be scheduling another session soon. Can’t wait to see how my life will change!

“Emotion Code works remarkably well for our companion animals”

I am very grateful for the Emotion Code therapy Cheryl Cullen provided for my sensitive, 16 year old cat, Beatrice.  Beatrice has severe arthritis throughout her whole body and had been in extreme pain when she suddenly became immobilized mid walk.  I scheduled one Emotion Code session and Beatrice responded beautifully.  She doesn’t need any strong pain medications and she had only one brief episode of immobilization shortly after the Emotion Code session. She has been free of these episodes ever since.
Cheryl did such a thorough session with Beatrice. We were able to discuss all of her health issues (even the ones that were not as critical at the time).  Through Cheryl’s work I gained insight into Beatrice’s past and how she holds her emotions.  The session was a true gift.
I also scheduled an Emotion Code session for my 22 year old cat, Sweatervest, who I adopted around 12 years of age.  She was slowing down considerably at the time of her Emotion Code session and was entering her final stage in life.  Cheryl did such gentle and loving  work with Sweatervest clearing many trapped emotions both past and present. It was such a gift to have this therapy done during this stage in her life.   I am so grateful Sweatervest was able to experience this emotional release after all she endured as a lost cat.  She lived on quit happily for several more months until it was time to say goodbye.
The Emotion Code therapy offered by Cheryl Cullen works remarkably well for our companion animals.  I highly recommend this therapy for anyone wanting to further their animal friend’s well being and strengthen your understanding and connection with the animal.

“I am forever grateful to Cheryl…”

I am forever grateful to Cheryl  for her intuition,  her compassion  and her expertise in working with the Emotion Code. We originally had her talk with  a dog we  had that was adopted, in our review she mentioned she cleared  his blocked emotions with the Emotion Code. I asked her what the Emotion Code was and she explained. Immediately, I knew this was  what I needed. I asked her if it worked on people and she enlightened me further.  While everyone is different, I felt  the  Emotion Code  working during our first session, my eyes felt clearer, I was lighter, all the colors around me were more crisp and everything  she and I worked on made sense. I have had several  sessions with Cheryl and I am so thankful for all the clearing that has taken  place. This work has changed my life with amazing transformation. Working with Cheryl is a great comfort. She has  the genuine ability to actively listen  and pin point with accuracy and detail the pertinent questions needed to conquer   blocked emotions. Cheryl has since worked with our other dog, my daughter, and a few friends. We will continue to turn to  her as things become stuck in our lives. I highly recommend for anyone that is contemplating using the Emotion Code to contact Cheryl, it will be an awesome  gift to yourself, a loved one or anyone you know.

“The whole experience went very quickly and smoothly.”

I have been dreaming about owning a house for 20 years. Every time my husband and I would decide to look for a house I would do everything. Meet the real estate agent, look at all the houses it was hard to get my husband to come look at a house. I put in the bids and negotiated and every time we got close to buying a house everything would go terribly wrong. Something big like he would get a big pay cut or get fired and then we would have months of hardship going through our savings. I couldn’€™t help but think he was scared or was doing something to get out of buying the house. I talked to Cheryl and she agreed something was going on since this had happened a few times. She asked if she could use the Emotion Code to release his trapped emotions around this issue. I knew he wouldn’€™t really think it would work but he agreed that she could do it. I kind of forgot she had even done it but just 6 mos. later we had an opportunity to once again buy a house, but this time it was completely different – from the beginning my husband took charge. He wanted it to move quickly, instead of stalling all the time. He did most of the leg work, talking to the lawyer and running back and forth to the bank for all statements we needed for the mortgage company. He was very calm the entire time. The whole experience went very quickly and smoothly. I couldn’€™t understand the change and then I remembered Cheryl had cleared his trapped emotions and I really believe it worked. After 20 years I finally own a house!

“I can’t describe it but I feel really great…”

This is an email from a new client who was suffering from insomnia due to her mind racing. I did one session with her using the Emotion Code:

Good morning Cheryl – and yes it is! It is impossible to describe: I didn’€™t only not think, think, think all night but I slept really well and woke up feeling so energized I couldn’€™t even lay in bed and be lazy if I wanted to. I am kind of surprised mostly because I thought it might help me let go and get some sleep but not this, not this soon anyway. I can’t describe it but I feel really great this morning. THANK YOU!

“I will be eternally grateful.”

I have worked with Cheryl on several occasions and she has been instrumental in introducing me to Animal Communication. We have worked together with my own personal pets as well as some of my clients animals. She has dealt with situations that were both behavioral and emotional in nature with very accurate and positive outcomes after her connection. Cheryl’€™s communication skills and insight into these pets has been invaluable and very beneficial.

Cheryl worked with my cat Emi who began displaying inappropriate peeing and pooping behavior. Through her animal communication she was able to talk with Emi and find out why she was unhappy. I was able to change some situations and thankfully this behavior has stopped!

Words cannot express my gratitude to Cheryl for her insight, compassion and kindness while communicating with Casey, my Cairn Terrier of 19 1/2 years. She helped guide us to a very bittersweet yet peaceful parting. I will be eternally grateful.

“I was impressed!”

My kitten started peeing outside the litter box and after a couple of weeks of trying different things my patience was running out. I let Cheryl know about the issues I was having and she offered to try to talk to him for me. That same afternoon after she dropped off my dog, she communicated with my cat. She found out the he didn’€™t like using the litter box because it didn’€™t smell good. She let him know that it was imperative to use the litter box and he needed to stop going other places in the house.

Cheryl reported back to me to let me know how the conversation went. From that point on I made sure to clean his box at least twice a day and he never went out of the box ever again. I was impressed!

I’m so glad that Cheryl was able to help me out. I was at the end of the patience level and was contemplating having to find a new home for my kitten. I’€™m so glad I didn’€™t have to go there!


“Cheryl Cullen is a truly skilled facilitator…”

The Emotion Code is a deceptively simple process that has delivered results for which I am grateful, including the disappearance of constant headaches and mental fog, with improving ability to focus. After three sessions, longtime fear and shame based issues lightened and renewed love for myself continues to grow. I am enjoying discovering the REAL me and letting go of who I am NOT.

Having studied and facilitated many growth techniques, I am impressed with the effectiveness and ease of The Emotion Code. Cheryl Cullen is a truly skilled facilitator of the gift that the Emotion Code is!

“Cheryl has a gentle, compassionate, and confident presence.”

Cheryl has a gentle, compassionate, and confident presence. I have used her dog walking, training, and boarding services and have been consistently impressed. Most important, Levi (my dog) adores her.