My Fear of Self-Promotion

Posted October 3rd, 2015

I’ve recently had to come face to face with my fear of self-promotion and of being successful. I’ve always wanted to fly under the radar and keep a low profile. I now realize it has effected every aspect of my life, most importantly my businesses as I am self employed, but also dance…

I love to dance, especially ballroom dance, but I hate it when people watch me dance. I just want to be lost in the crowd of dancers. My teachers have encouraged me to compete but the thought of it makes my blood run cold; as does the thought of public speaking. (Read a testimonial from a client whose fear of public speaking disappeared after one session).

Using the Body Code to clear the underlying causes, I discovered a maze of past life and present life experiences, emotions and energetic imbalances. As Ainslie MacLeod, says “All present life issues have a past life cause”.  Based on what came up during the session, it is clear I was killed in at least one past life for being a successful public person. Hence my desire to keep a low profile in this lifetime.

It always amazes me that even though I have cleared so much on myself,  there are always more issues which rise to the surface to be examined and released. I believe that is one of the main reasons we are here – for fears, phobias, bad habits and behaviors to be released. So we can stop dragging these negative experiences, emotions and tendencies with us lifetime after lifetime.

How to “let go of your story” – Part 2

Posted May 29th, 2015

Here is a follow up on Obie and his aggressive behavior (Blog post Dec 2014). Obie continued to be a model citizen at the dog park and I almost forgot about his previous behavior. Then this past week I started thinking about how he used to behave and really noticed how good he had been in the months that followed. Every day for the past week I would think about it while we were at the dog park.   Then the behavior started rearing its ugly head again and by the end of the week had returned almost to the level it had been before.

After my initial disappointment and frustration, I began to realize that my focus on the behavior was what was causing it to return. Even though I was thinking about how much the behavior had changed, it was still that behavior I was focused on.

It was a big  lesson for me. If you have moved beyond something big in your life whether it be dog aggression, cancer, financial trouble, unemployment – move on completely – be grateful that it is gone and leave it in the past where it belongs, don’t keep bringing it to mind even to be grateful that it is gone – just let it go.

I’ve seen this a lot with mothers. Their children have had issues in the past with their health , school, drugs, etc. and the mothers live in fear that these issues will return. They continue to think these “what if” thoughts, instead of allowing themselves and their children to move forward into their new experiences.

I also see this in my sessions with clients. In the Body Code there is a mental exercise called “move the past”. It is when past memories are stored in front of a person energetically, making it very difficult to move ahead in life. We have to energetically move those memories back into the person’s past, where they belong, otherwise the tapes keep replaying in people’s heads as if they are still occurring.  The mind/body doesn’t know if it is a past or present issue – if you are focused on it you are creating it anew.

How to “let go of your story”

Posted May 11th, 2015

This is a common meme right now and I totally agree. The more we can let go of the past, the better our lives, both present and future, can be. But it is easier said than done. We all would love to let go of our resentments, heartbreak, heartache and sadness about events that have happened to us and continue to keep our hearts open.

This is where the Emotion Code comes in. We really can let go of our past by releasing all those trapped emotions we have experienced in our lives and even inherited from our parents, which have left us so wounded or even jaded.

We are afraid to trust, to love, to put ourselves out there both personally and professionally because we feel so vulnerable.

But that is what we are here to do. To rise above all the pain and injustice we have experienced and keep loving and growing.

Because really, what else is there? We can either shut down and live smaller and smaller versions of ourselves or we can work at moving through our story and living our souls’ vision of who we are here to be.

  •  Colleen has a huge heart but always attracted the wrong guys. She would invest fully in the relationship but they would not really care about her and move on quickly to the next woman. She was determined to release that pattern and find the love of her life. Within only a few months SHE DID and is now in love with a wonderful man.
  • Amanda had a lot of resentment toward her parents. After a couple of sessions releasing those old emotions which were still playing out, she told me her resentment is gone and she has a good relationship with them now.
  •  Diane was terribly abused as a child and it kept her locked in patterns which were detrimental. After several sessions she says she is free of all those limiting beliefs and behaviors.

It really is possible to release the past with The Emotion Code and move into a much better and more fulfilling life!

Ever wished you could get a family member to do a session? Here’s how…

Posted April 24th, 2015

I have done a number of sessions on clients for their children of all ages. The client is the surrogate for the child and parents have seen dramatic changes in their children after these sessions.

  • Joan’s daughter, Zoe (8) was having a hard time with friends. She was feeling left out, jealous, talked about. After a couple of surrogate phone sessions, Joan said Zoe is now well adjusted and said she “feels like she would like to be a kid’s counselor”.
  • Jody’s daughter, Taylor, was shy and didn’t have a lot of friends, wasn’t chosen for teams and didn’t do all that well in school. Her older brother, Alex, was popular, an athlete and an A student. Jody and I  did several sessions on Taylor with some changes but it wasn’t until I worked on a past life and released all the trapped emotions of love unreceived, humiliation, sadness, etc  from that lifetime that Taylor’s life changed for the better and she now has a group of friends is one of the best players on her volleyball team.

But lately I have been able to work on a client as a surrogate for other family members – husbands, wives, siblings, grown children, parents. When I begin a session, I connect with the guides & higher self of the person, so the information is coming from that higher perspective. If I am working with a wife to clear issues with her husband, often the higher self of the husband will come in and be willing to clear his trapped emotions as well. This has had profound effects on their relationships.

  • Amanda’s husband is a musician who once had a successful career but lately has seen it decline to the point where he became depressed and defeated; had lost his joie du vivre. Amanda asked him if we could work on him. We did 2 sessions on him and she noticed him smiling more than he had in a long time. Within a couple of weeks he was put in touch with an agent who wants to market his work.
  • John came to see me because his father had recently died and John felt bad because they had never had a good relationship. His father’s higher self came in ready to release all the trapped emotions from their difficult relationship. It was a powerful session and we could feel the presence of John’s father. John now feels free of those regrets and sadness.

If you are struggling with relationships in your life or if your loved ones are having difficulties – I’d love to help!

Dog aggression

Posted December 21st, 2014

Cheryl Cullen ObiObie (with Frisbee) started showing signs of aggression around 18 months, which is when a dog is reaching maturity. Generally, he was a friendly, fun guy but I began to see a pattern where he would bully younger, more timid dogs. It seemed to be because he could sense their vulnerability. I cleared his trapped emotions and he was better for a while, then he started to show the behavior again and it seemed even more aggressive. He  grabbed a sweet young pointer by the muzzle and shook it. That was the last straw, either that behavior stopped or he couldn’t go to the dog park any more.

I did another emotion code session on him, this time checking for any underlying energies creating this behavior. He had a “saboteur” energy trapped in him from a time when he was a young dog and was bullied by an older dog. I cleared that and another saboteur energy came up, it was his sabotaging of other dogs which was linked to the incident he experienced as a young dog. This is  a common problem dog trainers face: how to change an intermittent behavior triggered by a dog feeling the same emotion that he, as the victim, once experienced. It is very difficult and laborious to do through training alone.

It  occurred to me that this also happens in people: victims become victimizers. But by using the Emotion Code to clear the residual trapped energies and emotions remaining in the body after a trauma, that behavior will no longer be a trigger for aggression.

The Emotion Code and past life fears

Posted October 13th, 2014

While doing Emotion Code sessions with clients, I have recently been working with more past life issues. Dr. Nelson, who developed  the Emotion Code and  the Body Code,  has said that  when  trapped emotions from past lives come up, it is usually not obvious that they occurred in a past life and they can be released just as readily as ones from this lifetime.

However, lately trapped emotions have been coming up that are clearly not from this lifetime. For example, I was working with a woman who said she bought excess food almost compulsively, even if there was plenty of food in the house. Also,    she was having trouble losing weight after the birth  her last child even though she wasn’t overeating and was  doing cleanses. A trapped emotion of  fear of starvation came up although she had always had plenty to eat. I then got a flash of a past life where she and her family had starved to death during the Dust Bowl. I checked for trapped emotions specifically from that lifetime and a lot came  up that she recognized as fears she had been experiencing but couldn’t explain.

Another example is a dog who had recently been  adopted by a couple, who then  discovered he was terrified of men. They contacted me for a session and the dog said that his previous owner was a large man who had been mean to him. I cleared all of his trapped emotions about men and any other related fears. A couple weeks later, I emailed his owner to see how he had been doing and she said he was doing fine with all men except her husband. When I re-checked him, I found that he and  the husband had a past lifetime together that needed to be cleared. So I cleared all the trapped emotions between them specifically from that past life  and the dog said that he could feel a big change in the energy between them immediately. He said  that before it felt dark and sticky and now it felt clear.

I find this work to be ever-evolving and endlessly fascinating!

Part 2 – How animals take on our issues and illnesses

Posted July 17th, 2014

Here is another example from my own experience  about how animals take on our “stuff”.

I have been doing ballroom dance for about 6 yrs. Last year, I decided to push myself to perform, even though it really scares me to be out in front of people. I had to wear high heels  while performing and I had never  danced in  heels before. I had to order a specific color and style of shoe and  the shoes didn’t arrive until the day of our final practice before the performance. I had had knee surgery on my left knee years ago and was always protective of it and was really, really nervous about dancing in heels for the first time.   I kept asking the angels to protect my knee and to keep me from falling down! I managed to do ok during the practice but did not feel at all ready for the upcoming performance and kept thinking about it.

When I got home from practice, I took my dog, Buddha, and another dog across the street to a park and let them run around, the grass had just been watered and it was dark. After a few minutes I heard a painful yelp and Buddha came limping back, holding his left rear leg in the air. I was hoping he had just tweaked it but after a few days, he was not showing any improvement and  it finally occurred to me to check for trapped emotions in his knee.

He had 3 emotions in his knee –      my fear, my anxiety and his anxiety.   I finally made the correlation between my fears about my left knee and the injury to his left knee and my anxiety about my upcoming dance performance, which he had taken on, along with his anxiety about my emotional state.

Unfortunately, his ACL was partially torn and he took months to recover. I realized once again how important it is not to worry or fear the worst, and if we do, clear those negative emotions!

How animals take on our illnesses and issues

Posted June 27th, 2014

I see more and more cases of how animals mirror or actually take on our illnesses. An example is my own situation with my 2 dogs – my first dog, Gaya, died before I got my current dog, Buddha. Later in her life Gaya developed pancreatitis from eating too  many fatty foods, it went undiagnosed until it turned into chronic pancreatitis and then diabetes. I had to give her insulin injections every 12 hours and spent thousands and thousands of dollars keeping her alive for the last  3 yrs of her life.   A year later I got Buddha, who I fed carefully from the time I got him but at around 2 he started having trouble with fat metabolism, which was really unusual for a young, healthy dog on a good diet. A few years later, I was diagnosed with gall bladder (which metabolizes fat)  issues because fatty foods are my favorite – cheese especially.   I realized at that time that there must be a connection between my health issues and my dogs’.

But it wasn’t until I started learning the Emotion Code and saw that  certain  organs  produce specific emotions.  Most of us have heard that the liver and gall bladder  are connected with anger and resentment, well, that was my go-to emotion when confronted with an issue or problem. I wasn’t a crier, instead I would get angry and possibly yell.

I cleaned up my diet and started taking   enzymes for fat metabolism and I improved, but Buddha did not, in fact he seemed to be having a harder and harder time metabolizing fat even though I would give him the enzymes too.

I finally did an Emotion Code session  on  Buddha, myself, and even my deceased dog, Gaya regarding our problem with fat metabolism. And guess what, all the trapped emotions were mine – not my dogs’.   They were taking on my trapped emotions and suffering the physical consequences of it. In fact, they did it for years before I manifested the physical symptoms.

Since that session, Buddha and I have been symptom free!